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1. Shipping with Hellinc Post (ELTA)

All shipments of our products in the EU and outside the EU are made through the Greek Post. In any case, the responsibility for the safe transport of the products lies exclusively with ELTA and later the customer.

2. Shipping with GT Courier.

For faster delivery of our products we can ship via  GT Courier. This is done only after consultation with the customer. In any case, the responsibility for the safe transport of the products lies exclusively with GT Courier and later the customer.



  • There may be additional charges for hard to reach areas.

  • The customer must follow the travel process of his order using the Track Number in the link HERE.

  • For deliveries outside the European Union any Customs Tax is undertaken to be paid exclusively by the customer.

  • Before signing for receipt, check that your products are in excellent condition. Your signature confirms that whatever the condition of the products, you agree and receive them. After you sign, the transport company is no longer responsible for the condition of the products it just delivered to you.

"We use the TACTIC BOARDs in training and games every day and we are totally satisfied with their quality."
'' Excellent quality and very functional during the race. That's why we use them in Maccabi Tel Aviv and all over Europe''
''I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the TACTIC-BOARDs. They are really well designed for the needs of a coach''
''Exellant TACTIC BOARD, exellant service! Thank you very much for everything!''

The Tactic Boards background

Find out who we are,
our purpose and our quality ...

About us
Our company was founded in 2012 by coach Despotakis Marios, a man who has devoted his life to sports, initially as a basketball player and then as a coach! Our company is purely Greek. In addition to the Greek market, we also produce tactic boards and other sports-training products across the globe and everywhere we have only satisfied customers, because in addition to the commercial transaction, we also seek to have personal contact with coaches, exchanging ideas and opinions.
Our aim
The aim of our effort is to be at the side of the coach and provide him with the products and services he needs to do his best work during the game and the training. As coaches, we also know the specialties of the "profession" very well and we try to constantly improve and monitor the developments of the sports so that we are absolutely useful for the coach.
Our tactic boards are made of high quality materials that make them the best of the market! They have nothing to do with the commercially available compatible plastic. They are made of high quality materials and the unique pavement is the special coating of the surface.